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About Us

Cogsdale is a forward-focused software and services company with over 25 years of experience delivering robust enterprise-level information and operations solutions. Our proven products and services combine customer and market-driven strategic insights and technology that enable us to stay ahead of the curve, securing our position as the provider of choice for utilities, local government agencies and municipalities and investor-owned companies. 

About Us

What We Do

At Cogsdale, we don’t just offer products; we offer cost-effective solutions to utility providers with enterprise-level technology and service. We work closely with our clients to identify and define their needs, then provide targeted options to help drive their success. Our innovative, integrated solutions and extensive expertise enable our customers to evolve their infrastructure, applications and practices so they can meet their business needs today and into the future.

How are we different?

We deliver
best-in-class solutions.

With strong financial support and stability as a Harris company, we deliver the highest levels of customer experience and benefit for all the organizations that do business with us. Our proven business model, strong values and deep expertise drive our ability to continually and unwaveringly support our clients.

We are invested in
ongoing customer success.

We don’t just address the immediate need; we take the time to understand each customer’s goals and focus. From the start of each engagement, we work collaboratively to ensure short- and long-term success. Our holistic, cost-effective strategies and solutions address our customers’ enterprise needs and enable them to achieve the results they need to thrive.

We put
people first.

Our culture is founded on empathy, trust and respect. We recognize that when we take care of our employees, they take care of our customers. By maintaining a purpose-driven focus, we enable our customers, employees and stakeholders to achieve what is most important to them.

Our people make us
a truly unique company.

Our employees have career goals, families and priorities that enrich and maintain their well-being. Through programs, benefits and overall culture, we emphasize to our employees that their ability to manage and enjoy their life outside of work will make our Cogsdale even better.

A Division of Harris Computer Systems

As a division of Harris Computer Systems, Cogsdale is a part of an ecosystem of successful, solution-based business units that are backed by a senior leadership team. Harris products and services come with decades of proven experience and success for clients. We live by our strong values and proven track record, and have the ability to provide an unmatched, vast array of solutions specifically addressing the unique needs of our client base.

Today, Harris employs over 1,200 industry professionals in more than 38 offices throughout North America.

Harris has been a subsidiary of Constellation Software Incorporated (CSI) since 1996.  CSI is an international provider of market-leading software and services, both in the public and private sectors. 

CSI was founded in 1995 to acquire, manage, and build market-leading software businesses that develop specialized, mission-critical software solutions to address the needs of specific industries. Today, CSI is one of the largest software companies in North America. Its companies provide services to over 14,000 customers worldwide in over 30 countries. 

Today, Constellation Software is traded publicly on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX – CSU).  For additional information on Constellation Software, visit

About Us

From discovery and assessment, through implementation support and optimization, our certified solution architects and professionals deliver results for our clients. We leverage our combined experience, expertise and technology to deliver the most impactful solutions thatbenefit your operations. Our focus is on improving the experience for your customers and your employees, thereby driving positive change for your organization.