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Cogsdale Customer Service Management (CSM) offers Utility Providers a unified metering, customer service, and billing management platform with the benefits of the cloud and a technology stack. The results are a fully integrated, automated, and intelligent customer-facing system.


Key Benefits


Financial Management


Cogsdale CSM allows you to bill any number of services including electric, telecommunications, water, wastewater, storm water, sewer, gas, refuse, internet, telephone and cable. It is an Customer Information System with all transactional details maintained for payment and review. It works with flexible rates, unlimited routes and multiple billing plans. Cogsdale CSM provides a robust meter to cash solution, allowing to bring in meter data from all industry leading providers, perform complex bill rate computations and generate bills for multiple services.

Net Metering

Net metering allows consumers with renewable energy systems to sell the electricity they aren't using back to their utility. Cogsdale CSM supports the calculation of consumers’ net consumption of energy (total energy consumed minus total energy generated) and applies any excess generated energy through bill credits or rebates to the customer. Cogsdale CSM supports multiple time of use rates and net meter types.


Payment Processing

Cogsdale CSM supports multiple utility bill payment processing channels such as self-service customer portal, IVR, kiosks, pay by text, etc. Cogsdale has partnered with industry-leading payment vendors such as InvoiceCloud and Paymentus to provide comprehensive, secure (PCI-compliant) payment processing capabilities. Our solution leverages standard real-time APIs to facilitate seamless integration with various channels.


Cogsdale CSM can manage all aspects of your collections process, including overdue and delinquent payments, special payment arrangements, exports to collection agency, payment extensions, and bad debt/write-offs.


Customer Communications

Decrease the wait times and the headaches that come with them with our Customer Portal. You can set up how your customers receive documentation such as bills and other notifications for collection, device testing, budget or special payment arrangement, etc. The solution supports an omni-channel approach to customer communication. (e-mail, SMS, and electronic copy).

Meter Readings

Cogsdale provides a powerful, scalable and configurable solution to integrate into leading AMI systems through the add-on MeterSense Meter Data Management (MDM) System. This solution allows you to quickly manage and intelligently interpret your growing volume of critical smart meter data.

HR and Payroll

Budget Billing

Budget billing helps reduce the impact of seasonal variances on customers’ bills by allowing them to pay a pre-arranged amount every month based on their billing history instead of paying for their actual monthly usage. If there is a debit or credit balance at the end of the budget period, the customer can receive a true-up bill or roll the amount forward to the next budget period.