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Enterprise Asset Management

Cogsdale’s Enterprise and Asset Management Solution (EAM) works with software, systems, and services that work together to maintain, regulate, and improve the quality of operational assets during the course of those assets’ lives.

Cogsdale’s EAM solution is a fully integrated solution built for utilities on the Microsoft Dynamics GP platform.

Enterprise Asset Management

The Challenge

Effectively managing large, complex capital projects can be challenging. The organization of paper trails, management of staffing costs and efficiency of processes largely drives the success or failure of the project. These elements can be managed easily and effectively with an integrated and flexible solution.  

The Cogsdale Solution

Cogsdale offers an Enterprise Asset Management automated solution that bridges the gap from engineering to the field to finance.  Create automated workflows that fit the unique business needs of Utility Providers enable the digital transformation of capital asset projects. The result is increased productivity with less effort. In addition, you can maange data and keep costs low while addressing operational challenges. Cogsdale also offers change management support to minimize the disruption of system upgrades to your business. Our staff are available to support your team in the transition from the current state to the future state and ensure successful project outcomes. 

Enterprise Asset Management

Benefits Realized with Cogsdale

Created specifically for the utility industry

Use automation to drive maintenance schedules.

Fill the gap between the project management system and the fixed assets system

Simplify record keeping

Reduce Repair Costs, Downtime, and Risks

Increase safety, reliability, and work request processing

Automate and streamline business process

Be more productive with less effort

Bookkeeping without the hassle