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Implementation Services

The success of any new software application begins with a smooth implementation. The implementation should optimize your resources, incorporate the latest technology and business standards, and, most importantly, be completed on time and on budget. This will set the stage for long-term cost reductions, greater employee retention, and heightened customer satisfaction. 

Implementation Services


Cogsdale’s Implementation Services provide clients with the expertise they need to implement their software solutions, whether on-premise or cloud-based. Our project managers and consultants provide cost-effective project planning, management and implementation services for turn-key, custom, or ad-hoc technology, and business process initiatives. 

Implementation Process

With Cogsdale’s dedicated Professional Services team, you can be confident your new business software application and related process improvements will be delivered on-time, under budget and better than expected.

Phase 1
This phase represents the start of the implementation. The project team actively participates in the kickoff meeting, introducing the team members and stakeholders, reviewing the project scope and planned activities, and establishing roles and responsibilities. The team is also preparing the solution environment during this phase.
Phase 2
The Analysis phase includes overview training and workshops to define and map business processes to the Cogsdale solution. Reporting, testing, and interface strategies are reviewed, defined, and documented during this phase for approval and sign-off.
Phase 3
Assembly includes all the activities required to prepare the system for testing, training and validation of supported business processes. Risk management will play a vital role in this phase to identify, manage and mitigate known and potential new risks.
Phase 4
During the Acceptance phase, the project team reviews business processes to ensure they are successful on the Cogsdale solution. The team also configures the system for optimal performance.
Phase 5
Pre Go-Live
In the Pre Go-Live phase, the project teams partner to confirm go-live readiness and plan for production day. This phase includes contingency and cutover planning of integration points, final data conversations, and the human impact on day-to-day operations.
Phase 6
The Go-Live phase is when all cutover activities happen, and the Cogsdale solution becomes the system of record.
Phase 7
Post Go-Live
This final phase includes activities to support system stabilization and project closeout. At this time, we are transitioning ongoing support for the system to our Customer Support Analyst.

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