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Take advantage of existing SaaS products by utilizing technology that will lower the risk and expense associated with solutions built or held in-house.


The Challenge

When considering software, businesses want to avoid infrastructure headaches and ongoing, unpredictable maintenance costs. Software as a Service (SaaS) eliminates these risks and reduces costs without impacting service. SaaS is a subscription-based delivery model that saves organizations from investing heavily in purchasing, installing, updating and maintaining any hardware, middleware, or software. With SaaS, you can simplify your IT footprint and rely on increased security.

The Cogsdale Solution

Cogsdale’s SaaS delivery allows you to modernize your legacy solution and keep up with the most up-to-date software. Our technicians become an extension of your IT team, providing end-to-end support from installation to upgrades and maintenance. You can count on the power of the Microsoft Azure platform to provide geo-redundancy and full security of your data. 


Benefits Realized with Cogsdale

Change Management

A full team of certified experts is available for as an extension of your internal team

Low Costs

Increased Security

Fully Scalable

Easily Integrated

Secure and automated backups