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Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management is a trusted, proven asset maintenance management solution that Cogsdale has developed specifically for Utility Providers. It enables asset-preventative maintenance activities through maintenance schedules and automated work order generation based on the schedule parameters. Cogsdale’s solution increases asset reliability and safety, simplifies work request processing and record keeping, and reduces repair costs and overall risk.

Maintenance Management

Key Benefits


Versatile Maintenance Schedules

The schedules assigned to each entity can observe different parameters like Installation Date, Acquisition Date, Usage, Mileage and Stops.

Grouped Schedules

Each entity can have multiple schedules observing different parameters assigned simultaneously. The system can observe and execute the schedule that is due first within the given group.

Maintenance Processing

Allows the flexibility for users to narrow down the search for the entities with maintenance due at the moment of processing.

Inventory Procurement

Enables the assignment of material lists that will always be required for a specific maintenance schedule and work request. As the work orders are generated, the work requests and material list will populate those work orders.

Parent/Child maintenance Scenarios

The system allows parent/child linkage to associate entities. Maintenance performed on the “child" entity is keept in the history of the "parent" entity.

Historical Maintenance / Repair Data

All maintenance and reactive work performed on a single entity is tracked under the maintenance history. That historical data contains details such as what kind of work was performed, who performed it, when, the actual costs of the work performed, etc.

Work Order Generation

The list of assets due for maintenance provided by the Maintenance Processing can be reviewed and organized in order to proceed to the next step - Work Order generation. The system will automatically create the work orders for each asset from the list with all necessary elements required for the maintenance activity at hand.